Super Horse


Super Horse is a digestive aid for horses that contains probiotics. The benefits of Super Horse are that it keeps the digestive system in balance. It reduces the risk of digestive upsets caused from distress by ration changes, competition, traveling, worming, parasites, vaccinations, or viruses, and reduces marish behavior by mares. Super Horse also aids in restoring good bacteria after antibiotic therapy. In addition Super Horse produces immunoglobulins and cells that destroy invading disease producing agents. This supplement will also aid in the prevention of colic.

Answers To Some Common Questions About Super Horse:

So What Is Super Horse and How Can Super Horse Help My Horse?

Super Horse is a digestive aid for horses that contains probiotics, enzymes, and yeast, trace minerals zinc, copper, manganese, and selenium, along with Vitamin E.. A probiotic is a term used to include such ingredients lactobacillus acidolophillus, and enterococcus faecium two lactic acid producing bacteria (LAB). Probiotics can benefit the horse by enhancing or improving the microbial balance of the gut resulting in improved maintenance, good health, and conditioning. Probiotics help in the following ways:

  • keeps digestive system in balance
  • reduces risk of digestive upsets caused from distress by ration changes, competition, traveling or shipping, worming, parasites, vaccinations, or viruses
  • aids in restoring good bacteria after antibiotic therapy
  • produces immunoglobulins and cells that destroy invading disease producing agents
  • aids in the prevention of colic

Why Are Enzymes Important To My Horse’s Health? 

Enzymes help the horse to break down starches and carbohydrates into simple sugars, protein into amino acids and peptides, fiber into glucose, and fats into fatty acids and glycerides. They also help replenish essential microflora and decrease the incidence of gastrointestinal disorders. They can inhibit the growth of E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, or Salmonella sp. Super Horse contains a variety of enzyme including protease, amylase, cellulase, and lipase.

What Benefit Does Yeast Offer To My Horse’s Digestion? 

Yeast is another probiotic that improves feed intake, promotes the use of protein and fat, improves recovery in ill animals, improves physical condition, and improves fiber digestion increasing the energy utilization. Yeast also repairs digestive impairments and plays an important role in colic prevention by improving digestion and intestinal health. Yeast helps young animals grow better and shows a tendency toward better athletic performance. Super Horse has lots of yeast!

What Role Do Trace Minerals Play?

Trace minerals are included in Super Horse. Zinc acts as a catalyst for improved digestion and works with hundreds of enzymes throughout the body to fight infection. Manganese helps to reduce mood and pain during heat cycles of the mare. Copper helps to make red blood cells and hemoglobin to carry oxygen to the cells. The lack of oxygen damages muscle cells, reduces energy, and slows down recovery from injury. Selenium is necessary for development of the immune system and plays an important role in thyroid hormone activation. 

Why Is Vitamin E Important?

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps prevent tissue destruction, protects the body against toxic substances, and works with selenium to help muscles relax. Vitamin E improves feed efficiency and helps protect against muscle tie up.


Note: Because Super Horse contains selenium make sure that the amount of selenium does not exceed the recommended amount per horse per day.


Which Horses Benefit Most From Super Horse?

All horses can benefit from the nutritional support that Super Horse offers to horses. But Super Horse is a “must” for:

  • Hard keeping horses
  • Stressful situations like showing or performance training etc. 
  • Traveling

Feeding directions for Super Horse are one ounce per horse per day. A one ounce scoop is provided.

Maintenance Horse 1 oz./day

Training & Working 1 oz./day (Working includes racing & showing)

Lactating Mares 1oz./day

Yearlings and Ponies use half rate

Days Supply (Based on 1 horse)

1 lb jar - 16 days

5 lb jar - 80 days

10 lb Pail - 160 days

25 lb Pail - 400 days