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Endura Stride
Endura Stride
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The benefits of Endura Stride are that it restores joint cartilage, relieves pain and inflamation, slows down and restores cross linking and heals scars, helps eliminate sore joints and muscles, helps lubricate joints, restores production of normal sized chondroitin sulfate chains, restores joint cartilage,has anti-arthritic action, and is a tissue antioxidant.

Feeding directions for Endura Stride one ounce twice per day per horse for 14 days. Then feed one ounce per horse per day.

A one ounce scoop is provided.

Days Supply (Based on 1 horse):

1 lb jar - 16 days

5 lb jar - 80 days

10 lb Pail - 160 days

25 lb Pail - 400 days

Endura Stride Guaranteed Analysis