Digestive Aids

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Super Horse

Super Horse is a digestive aid for horses that contains probiotics, enzymes, and yeast, along with trace minerals zinc, copper, manganese, and selenium, and Vitamin E. A probiotic is a term used to include such ingredients lactobacillus acidolophillus, and enterococcus faecium two lactic acid producing bacteria (LAB). Probiotics can benefit the horse by enhancing or improving the microbial balance of the gut resulting in improved maintenance, good health, and conditioning. Probiotics help in the following ways:

  • Keeps digestive system in balance
  • Reduces risk of digestive upsets caused from distress by ration changes, competition, traveling or shipping, worming, parasites, vaccinations, or viruses
  • Aids in restoring good bacteria after antibiotic therapy
  • Produces immunoglobulins and cells that destroy invading disease producing agents
  • Aids in the prevention of colic

Super Horse is a superior supplement that helps ensure the nutrients in your hay and feed will be utilized! Be sure your horse is a SUPER HORSE!

5 pound size shown

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Gastric Relief

Gastric Relief is a nutritional aid for horses showing symptoms of ulcers or gastric problems.

Gastric Relief is a nutritional supplement designed to help heal the damage caused by ulcers.

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4 pound size shown