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Gastric Relief
Gastric Relief
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Stomach ulcers in horses are a major threat to horse health. Some of the possible causes of ulcers are: stress, high intensity exercise, transportation, stall confinement, food deprivation, high starch diets, and feeding pelleted feeds. Symptoms can be poor appetite, changes in attitude, lower performance, loss of body weight, poor hoof condition, rough hair coat, and/or colic. Now you can help your horse with a nutritional supplement. Research has shown that lecithin breaks down into several phospholipids. These phospholipids not only treat the symptoms of ulcers but they can actually heal the ulcer and repair the stomach. Gastric Relief has lecithin in it along with other supporting ingredients. Protease, Amylase (2 sources), Lipase, and cellulase. Gastric Relief also has yeast and dehydrated yeast for increased immune response and B-Complex Vitamins.

Gastric Relief is available in 1, 4 and 10 pound sizes.

Days Supply (Based on 1 horse):

1 lb jar - 8-16 days

4 lb jar - 32-64 days

10 lb Pail - 80-160 days

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