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Casey Allen




Casey Allen- I've been riding horses since I could crawl, which wasn't that long ago, considering I'm only 16. I started winning IBRA and NBHA Pennsylvania state titles at age 11 with a horse named Tee Abracadabra. I have also placed in the top 5 at the AQHA Congress on various horses, and then I turned my attention to IPRA rodeos two years ago. I managed to finish fifth in both rounds at the 2012 IPRA National All Regional Finals in Montgomery, Alabama. My current barrel mount, Gucci, is on a custom mixture of Green Mountain Equine Supplements and has been running extremely well since we started her on them. We are looking forward to the 2013 WPRA World Finals and the 2014 rodeo season!




When I started running my barrel mare Gucci, she was stiff & wouldn't pick up a left lead, and she was also extremely nervous. She also was about as comfortable as a pogo stick to work. I started her on Green Mountain stride free, super horse, and muscle relaxer, and she began giving me way better turns, relaxed when I worked her and on the ground, and was much more comfortable to ride because she was looser. Being a naturally skeptic person, I let her vitamins run out before reordered to see if it happened to be a coincidence that she was working better. Within a week she was back to being uncomfortable, stiff, and high strung! I tried the same thing with my gelding Streakin Jasper, who before I started him on Green Mountain supplements always had a sore back. After I took him off of his supplements we couldn't even ride him because he flinched when we tried to saddle him! Needless to say I'm stocked up again on my Green Mountain supplements!