Muscle Tie-Up

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Muscle Relaxer

Muscle Relaxer is a unique blend of vitamins and electrolytes to help prevent muscle tie-up in horses. 

Does your horse struggle with Azoturia (Tying Up Syndrome)? Are you at your wits end looking for a supplement that can help restore your horse to health and performance?  Muscle Relaxer by Green Mountain Nutritional Services contains all the nutritional supplementation to prevent and help horses that tie-up. Muscle Relaxer is loaded with electrolytes including sodium, potassium, and chloride which are three of the most important electrolytes needed to reduce Azoturia symptoms. Muscle Relaxer also contains vitamins including all the B complex needed for nervous horses. Vitamin E and selenium to help prevent muscle damage, Thiamine (a B complex-vitamin) is used to help to rid the waste products in the  muscle created by activity, and a buffer is included for lactic acid neutralization. Muscle relaxer should be used every day for horses that are chronic cases. Try Muscle Relaxer and enjoy seeing the benefits it offers your horse today!

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