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Electrolytes is a product specifically formulated to replace the electrolytes lost from sweating of the horse. Hard work and vigorous workouts cause losses of electrolytes that may not be replenished through normal eating and drinking patterns. That is why you need to feed Electrolytes in the water or on your grain following strenuous activities. Supplementing electrolytes to a horse with anhidrosis (an abnormal deficiency of sweat or the inability to sweat) may actually help it to sweat again.

Feeding Directions: are one ounce for each hour past the first hour of activity provided you are on a balanced diet.

Electrolytes comes in 1, 7, 18 and 45 pound sizes. The 7 pound size is shown on main page. 

A 1 ounce scoop is provided.

Days Supply (Based on 1 horse):

1 lb jar - 16 days

7 lb jar - 112 days

18 lb Pail - 288 days

45 lb Pail - 720 days

Electrolytes Guaranteed Analysis